Pacific Beach Early Learning Center (PBELC) is a unique child learning center offering a preschool program and curriculum within a home-based setting. We describe ourselves as a balance between a preschool and a home environment, where we provide an academic program and learning centers preparing and developing children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Our home-based child care facility is located in a quiet neighborhood community in the heart of Pacific Beach. Our large child-friendly outdoor area encourages a variety of play and learning activities welcoming children to explore, discover and engage in diverse activities, centers, crafts, games, play-structures and other child learning resources.

Our indoor area offers a variety of learning, play, and art centers and teacher-directed experiences and activities, including reading, phonics, math, science, Spanish, nature exploration, song, dance, and art and crafts which are performed during both indoor and outdoor activity time. All of these child learning activities are provided through a “Whole Child” oriented curriculum emphasizing child creativity, imagination and development.

PBELC’s low child to teacher ratio enables us to provide intimate, individualized and personalized attention and teaching to each child ensuring children optimally develop and benefit from their time at PBELC. Our child learning curriculum, activities and programs are taught by experienced teachers trained and educated in early childhood education and development.

Our child learning program age range starts at 1 year old and covers young children up to 5 years of age. We also provide before and after grade school child learning experiences and coverage for children 6 to 12 years of age.

We foster child curiosity, creativity, imagination and playful development within the context of an accredited child teaching curriculum. Our Goal is to provide excellent education, care and support for children and their parents in our community. We are committed to providing a quality child enrichment and learning experience in a loving, safe and child-friendly environment.

We highly value parent participation and involvement at PBELC. Through daily verbal communication and written reports and updates, parents are encouraged to become actively involved in their child’s learning experiences. To better communicate with our Parents, we have recently initiated a new private DOJO Classroom Communication Internet Forum. We respect parents as the most important provider of care and nurturing in their child’s life. We also believe our teachers serve as collaborative partners to our parents in the child’s education and wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

We believe the early years of a child’s life are crucial for development and growth. Research reflects that the intellectual, emotional, family and physical environments during a child’s first 5 years are critical to how a child’s brain develops. At this early age, the experiences children have with their teachers and parents directly affect and shape their success and well being throughout school and into their adult lives. Pacific Beach Early Learning Center fosters growth and learning development by providing a safe, stimulating, nurturing Whole Child environment. Our classrooms and centers are filled with impactful hands-on learning opportunities in fun and creative settings. We believe that Children learn and develop in an environment that fosters emotional and intellectual growth, so as to best prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond. To support our philosophy, we design our centers and class space to emphasize Dramatic Play, Manipulative Play, Science/Math, Music and Art.

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