Harvesting Tomatoes!

Making Delicious Tomato Sauce! This week was so much fun because we finally got to harvest a lot of our tomatoes! Once we got them all cleaned up, we made a tomato sauce from all the tomatoes and basil we harvested. Children got to enjoy a delicious pasta for lunch. As they were eating we [...]


Farm Fun!

Learning About the Farm! This month we will be learning all about the farm! We will be talking all about what farmers do to take care of their animals and crops. We be doing a lot of fun animal arts and crafts and learning more on how to take care of our garden at school. [...]


Up, Up and Away!!

Floating Vs. Flying This week we talked a lot about floating vs. flying. We even went outside and laid down to look for clouds, planes, birds, bee's, and so much more. Children are able to explain the difference between floating vs. flying now and are so excited to talk about what they see in the [...]


What’s in the Sky?

Things in the Sky This week we have been talking a lot about things that we might find when we look up at the sky. We talked a lot about the moon, sun, and stars. We talked about how the sun comes out in the morning and how we typically see the moon at night. [...]


Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Mother's Day! This week we have been preparing some special art projects to celebrate all the amazing the moms at PBELC! We want to wish everyone a happy and safe Mother's Day. We appreciate all the amazing moms we have here at PBELC. These little ones are so lucky to have such great mama's!


Staying Cool at School!

Water Play at PBELC! With the weather warming up it is so important that we keep children cool! We do lots of water play during the warmer months. We have 2 pools and 3 water tables. We also have a big shaded area surrounded by misters. Children have fun while staying cool; what could be [...]


We Met a Veterinarian!

Learning What Vets Do! This week was so special because we got to zoom with a veterinarian! We learned all about how she takes care of all different types of animals. She even showed us how she uses her stethoscope to check a puppies heartbeat. We talked about why it is so important for animals [...]


Pet Art!

Creating Some Awesome Pets! This week we have been talking more about pets! More friends have brought in pictures of their pets to share at circle time. We have also done some cool arts and crafts of various pets. We have talked about each pet we have created and how to take care of them. [...]


Show and Tell with Pets!

Leaning All About Pets! This month we are learning all about pets! We have encouraged children this week to bring in a picture of their pet. If they don't have a pet at home they could bring in a stuffed animal that is special to them that they may pretend is their pet. Doing show [...]


Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunting and Decorating We had so much fun doing an Easter egg hunt and decorating Easter eggs! Children enjoyed bringing their baskets and finding all the eggs on our play ground. We also used shaving cream and food coloring to dye our eggs and decorate them. It was another FUN day here at [...]

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