We are located at the corner of Law Street and Kendall Street in the heart of Pacific Beach. Our preschool is located in one of the quietest residential neighborhoods of Pacific Beach and is one mile from the Pacific Ocean which provides for mild weather most of the year. We primarily serve the Pacific Beach, Clairemont, La Jolla and Point Loma communities.

Indoor Area

Our indoor play areas, classrooms and centers rotate on a regular basis, as our Gee Whiz curriculum cycles through various teaching themes including animals, school subjects, habitats/environments, seasons, holidays, the family and geography. Please see the 2018/2019 Gee Whiz Curriculum Schedule. We carry many of these centers and classroom designs to the Outdoor Area preserving the continuity of the teaching curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Our Indoor Area offers dedicated special Centers for the children to learn, explore and play:

  • Dramatic Play Area
  • Science/Math Area
  • Arts/Crafts Area
  • Music Area
  • Block Area
  • Pretend Area
  • Puzzle Area
  • Reading/Books and Phonics Area
  • Play-Dough Area

We promote art and creative expression by filling our classrooms and centers with art projects for our children thus encouraging them to take pride and joy in their work. Our children take many of these art projects home to share their creative efforts with their parents.

Our Program Director takes great pride in meticulously cleaning and organizing all centers and areas of the Indoor Area so the full value of the Gee Whiz Teaching Curriculum can be attained. Parents can rest assured that PBELC facilities are consistently maintained, updated and meet all building, life/safety and licensing codes.

We follow all CFOC and Licensing standards to ensure a clean, safe, rich learning environment for your children. For those few days of the year when Pacific Beach experiences higher temperatures, we have indoor air conditioners to keep your children and our staff cool, safe and comfortable.

Outdoor Area

We transition many of the Curriculum themes and activities from the Indoor Area to the Outdoor Area so our children are in a consistent and creative learning mode and environment. The outdoor area provides opportunities for children to develop multiple skills and social relationships, to engage in creative learning activities, and to enjoy themselves through exploration and play.

For child safety and security the entire backyard Outdoor Area is fully fenced and gated. Because PBELC is located in Pacific Beach which is blessed with wonderful, mild weather most of the year, we encourage outdoor learning, exploration, expression and play. We believe exposing your children to fresh air, sunshine and ample outdoor learning space enhances their learning and development capacity.

Our preschool is situated on 0.15 of an acre, of which the Outdoor Area occupies about two thirds of that space. A large sandbox with a newly purchased play-structure encourages the development of the children’s fundamental motor skills. Our large outdoor play area supports CFOC standards for children’s physical activity and exercise.

We added a large outdoor garden box so the children can explore the many facets of planting, growing, watering and harvesting naturally grown vegetables.

To provide a more secure, safe, organized and clean outdoor play area, PBELC installed Purchase Green Premium synthetic turf in all non-paver surface areas of the backyard Outdoor Area. For child safety and protection we:

  • Installed a 1.77 inch shock pad underneath all synthetic turf which is capable of protecting children from falls up to 8 feet when playing on equipment, swinging or climbing.
  • Installed synthetic turf that has zero lead content
  • Used HeroFill infill sand which has zero respiratory dust, zero toxins and is designed to reduce and prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungus and eColi

We have ample program materials for water and sand play to develop children’s imagination and to keep them physically active. We offer swings for different age groups and we have a good-sized grassy area for children to run around and tumble.

We offer a large covered paver area to ride bikes, bounce balls, skip ropes, or draw with chalk, in addition to allowing for open-ended art activities and free play. A majority of the paver play-area is covered with a blue canopy to shield the children from the San Diego sun and to allow for organized class-activities to comfortably take place outdoors. We also invested in a motorized canopy which extends over another portion of the back yard area to support play and protect the children from too much sun exposure.

As part of our learning Curriculum, our teachers frequently organize special outdoor activities and adventures which correspond with seasonal themes. During summer, for instance, the school often puts on:

  • Water days (with an inflatable pool and slide, along with water-themed art activities like colored ice painting, painting with spray-bottles, and painting with water-colored balloons) and
  • Camping days (with outdoor tents, campfire storytelling, obstacle courses, and “bear and tiger hunts”).

We encourage you to visit our preschool to view and experience our spacious, well-maintained, and child-centered outdoor play-yard in person!

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