New Bounce House to Improve Child Fitness and Health

Pacific Beach Early Learning Center (PBELC) recently added a new Bounce House at 1779 Law Street. There’s nothing kids love more than the sight of a bounce house in the distance. Parents can all hear the echoing “ooohs” and “ahs” when one comes into their child’s line of vision.

As kids jump and play continuously on inflatable bounce houses, they unknowingly are exercising their bodies for cardio fitness. The heart rates of kid increases with every jump on the bounce house and this ultimately increases their cardio health. Jumping is a form of exercise which strengthens your child’s bone density and muscles. It trains your child’s joints, tendons and ligaments and provides enhanced body flexibility. Your child’s metabolism is increased and weight loss is promoted by regular jumping. Your Child can get all these health benefits of jumping while having fun.

If your kids are huffing and puffing when they exit the bounce house, don’t be surprised. According to NASA, 10 minutes of bouncing (or rebounding) is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than over 30 minutes of running. Not only does jumping get your Child’s heart rate up, but it also works a variety of muscles, which is crucial for proper development in children and adolescents. Jumping targets your Child’s quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, and more.

While the physical benefits are tangible and laudable, there are also a number of studies that link regular exercise to decreased child depression and increased child happiness. Not only do children find the act of jumping in a bounce house fun, but the exercise they get from it increases their happiness and moods thanks to endorphin releases. By emphasizing fun ways of exercising, your child is more likely to latch onto a healthy lifestyle and maintain a positive outlook on exercise.

Additional Possible Benefits of the PBELC Bounce House for your Child:

  • When your Child is jumping in the PBELC Bounce House, it alerts all the cells in their body and improves their circulatory system. The flow of blood is fast and even to all parts of the body. Your Child’s lungs work hard to keep up with their breathing thus better clearing their air pathways.
  • When jumping in the PBELC bounce house, your Child will put effort in pushing themselves upwards while jumping, using all the muscles in their body and strengthening the defense mechanism of countering forces.
  • Jumping on something that is bouncy helps your Child in balancing and coordination of landing or staying on their feet.
  • If your Child is interested in aerobics or gymnastics, they will absolutely love the idea of having access to a bounce house at PBELC as it will help them improve their flexibility.
  • Your Child’s jumping in the bounce house helps release pressure and is an immediate stress reliever. Your Child will be able to unwind and relax with the help of the PBELC bounce house.
  • Your Child may experience a social benefit from bouncing in the PBELC bounce house because it allows your Child to better interact with other children improving the ability of your child to make friends and socialize. This boosts your child’s self- esteem and confidence.
  • Bounce Houses are safer than other toys you might provide to your Child. Toy parts can be harmful if swallowed and this is not the case with any bouncy products such as a bounce house.
  • Jumping in a Bounce House can be a coordination challenge for kids so it may instill a needed skill and satisfaction of accomplishing a task they set out to accomplish.
  • Doctors have commented that kids who want to grow taller should be consistently jumping and reaching for higher objects which stretches out their bones and improves their height.
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