Lauryn Hall – PBELC Program Director

In 2015, Lauryn earned a 4 year Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Child & Family Development from San Diego State University (SDSU). During her education time at SDSU and Miramar College, she participated as a practicum student interning in infant, toddler and preschool classrooms, lesson plan building, learning center development and creating safe and secure learning environments for child learning and exploration. Lauryn worked as an intern developing, nurturing and teaching infants and toddlers at SDSU’s Children Center (Reggio Emilia Inspired). Upon graduating from SDSU, she worked as Youth Leader, Assistant Site Director and Site Director at Harmonium Klassic Kids in Mira Mesa. The Hage campus in Mira Mesa where Lauryn was Site Director is licensed for 75 children and provides before and after school care and learning for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Lauryn developed age-appropriate activities and closely collaborated with parents to determine needs, development plans and child assessments to ascertain and shape child development progress on a continuing basis. She enjoys enriching young children’s development and celebrating their milestones and considers young children her calling and cares deeply for each child within her care. Lauryn’s passion is to ensure the safety, security and well-being of your children while also ensuring your children are at an advanced level of child development and learning for kindergarten placement. When interfacing with Lauryn, we think you as parents will find that Lauryn is respectful, personable and has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She is CPR and first aid certified, fingerprinted, and has TB clearance.

Brittany Brennhofer – Teacher

Brittany has worked as a Teacher at PBELC since January 2014. She loves teaching children and pleasing the Parents. She is very patient and loving towards the children. Brittany earned a Liberal Studies Degree with an emphasis in Child Development and Teaching in 2015 from San Diego State University. As a credentialed teacher, she also has cared for PBELC babies and toddlers in addition to her teaching work with PBELC preschoolers. Her focus, energy and bubbly personality have been a real plus at PBELC. Brittany is CPR certified, fingerprinted and has T.B. clearance like all other staff at PBELC. She is interested in pursuing additional child development continuing education.

Lana Maderos – Teacher

Lana recently joined the Teaching staff at PBELC. She moved to San Diego from Chico two years ago to attend SDSU. Prior to working at PBELC, Lana worked a year at the YMCA teaching and supporting children of all ages. She is excited about working with the children and Parents at PBELC. Her teaching skills and experience are supported by her recent teaching course work at SDSU. Lana is a sophomore at SDSU working on her Liberal Arts Education Degree with an emphasis on Child Teaching. Lana’s fun and loving personality with the children is much appreciated. She is CPR & First Aid certified, fingerprinted and has T.B. clearance.

Viviana Smith – Back-up Teacher

Viviana worked closely with Linda Brown in January 2013 setting up PBELC operations, teaching new child enrollees, working with parents and assisting Linda with daily operations, program curriculum and facility/staff management. Viviana now acts as a backup Teacher at PBELC. Viviana earned a Criminal Justice Degree with Honors from San Diego State University in 2014. Her high energy and critical thinking skills enabled her to multi-task, problem solve and ensure overall smooth operations and Parent Satisfaction at PBELC. Viviana’s emphasis on teamwork and quality resulted in program and quality improvements in PBELC Child Learning and advancement during her one year tenure in 2016 as PBELC Program Director.

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