At PBELC we are continuously focused on improving the quality and services we offer. Our Parents and Clients are aware of our efforts and will often comment through letters and cards regarding their experiences and how well their children are cared for at PBELC.

“Our almost 4 year old daughter has been going here for a year. We are so lucky to have found PBELC. Lauryn, the main teacher/owner is warm and loving to the kids. She has an excellent work ethic, is a great communicator and is very professional. Vanessa is equally as great. The kids have a curriculum they work through and our daughter is learning so much. Our daughter doesn’t need full time care, but she wakes up so excited asking to go to preschool everyday day that we put her in full time. She loves it. They celebrate each kids birthday, have a two day Halloween party with a bouncy house, valentines and St. patty’s day party, they bake banana bread and pumpkin pies, swim and have water tables when it’s hot, the list goes on. When our youngest is old enough he too will go here. They are like a little family at PBELC in a safe and loving home setting. My daughter sometimes comes home with a French braid in her hair from Lauryn and that touches my heart. There is no better feeling as a parent knowing your kid is safe and happy and having fun.”


“Thank you for loving our babies. Thank you for watching over them and their health.

Thank you for all the boo-boos you make better, the bottoms you wipe clean, the hugs when mommies and daddies drive away, the kisses on rough days, the num-nums in their bellies, and the moments that melt our hearts. Sincerest gratitude and love for you.”


“Thank you for everything you have done for Ben. You have helped him grow from toddler years to a preschooler! We appreciate all your hard work! We will miss you!”


“My daughter attended PBELC for a year and I cannot speak highly enough of Lauryn (the director) and other staff at the school. The biggest questions for me when choosing care for my kids are: will my child be safe here and will my child be loved? An emphatic “Yes” to both at PBELC. Kids get to be kids here – they play, explore and giggle. Getting pictures on the Class Dojo app always brightens my day. We’ll miss PBELC.”

Nibette A.

“This note was written by the mom, of course!. We miss you too Soleste!

“Dear Lauryn, thank you so much for taking such good care of me and for teaching me so many wonderful things! I am so lucky that PBELC found you! You made my move to San Diego so much smoother, and that was a priceless gift to my parents! I will miss you so much!”


“Our daughter will be 2 in December and she started at PBELC last December, so it is almost a year. We love it! Our daughter is always happy in the morning when we drop her off and in great mood when we pick her up. It’s always hard to leave your child when they are so young at first, but Lauryn and the other girls there are so great at keeping in touch with photos during the day on the classdojo app and making everyone feel at ease. I would definitely recommend this daycare if looking for one. “

Lois B.

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful the day care center is. My grandson absolutely loves it there! They have so many things for the children to do and play. He is learning so much. Thank you Linda for providing such a happy and healthy learning place for him!”

Betty C.

“When you drop your child off you do one of two things… you worry that the care might not as good as you think, or you rest comfortably knowing that they are loved, challenged and cared for in a tender fashion. Needless to say, my wife and I rest very comfortably. Melissa, Danny, Jessica, Linda and the remaining staff are some of the most loving people I have ever known. They cuddle my child as if the rest of the world does not exist. They encourage mindfulness behavior and help our little monster navigate the world with curiosity and empathy. We love these ladies for everything they do every day after we drop off our child so we can frantically attend to everything else in our day. We at first lamented that we had no family in the area to help us, but considering the care our child receives, we know our money is well spent and the care is easily superior to an exhausted family member. Many thanks ladies!”

Mario and Erika S.

“I started my almost 3 year-old at PB Learning Academy a few months ago and love it! The teachers and everyone in charge have been such a delight and my daughter really enjoys spending time here. This was our first daycare experience and I was nervous as can be but now I can go to work feeling at ease knowing she is in the best hands. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to place her here. :)))”

Katy P.

“As good as it gets! We couldn’t wait to get our daughter into PBELC and had her on the wait-list since she was 6mo old. Melissa started babysitting for us on the side and we fell completely in love with her! She loves each child as if they were her own and it is so obvious! We adore Dani and Andrea as well, every time we pick her up they are having fun outside and learning. It is exactly what we dreamt of in a first daycare for our daughter! HUGE thank you to the PBELC team for being so great with our little ones!”

Krystle P.

“Updated review: my daughter has been attending PBELC for 9 months now. It has been a wonderful experience from every point of view. It is a very nurturing environment, and she has flourished here, made new friends and became overall better at interacting with her peers. After all these months I feel that the key strengths of this Center are: 1) the size, about 12 kids in total with an appropriate teacher to kids ratio; 2) the level of caring by everyone who is involved with the kids: Melissa, the Program Director (we love her) all the teachers, helpers, and Linda, the owner (we honestly love them all!); 3) the daily communication with the parents; 4) the location, a super nice (clean!!) house with a great outdoor space. My daughter is happy to go there in the morning, and when I arrive to pick her up, she’s usually outside playing and having fun, on the way home she won’t stop talking about the things she did during the day….. overall this place is a gem, look no further.”

Sara T.

“Our almost 2 year old has been going to PBELC since January on a part time basis. We do drop-ins on other days from time to time and we’re currently on the waiting list for a full time spot due to my husband’s school schedule going back to full time. We have had a great experience with Melissa at PBELC – she’s very thorough with updates or issues (i.e. diaper rash). We can tell that Melissa cares deeply for the well being of the children and that makes us feel so very comfortable with sending our baby girl there.”

Alicia G.

“Our 18 month old daughter has been attending for the last month on a drop in basis. She’s always happy in the morning when we drop her off! They do lots of fun activities through out the day to learn about healthy foods, shapes, colors, textures. The staff is always friendly and nurturing. We love the cute pictures that are posted from time to time to keep us updated on the ClassDojo app. The cost is reasonable compared to what we have seen in the area. We also appreciate the healthy snacks and lunches that they serve. We love PBELC!!!”

Samantha F.

“My daughter and my son love to be there. The teachers are friendly and understanding. My daughter didn’t speak English in the first 2 months but after that she started to speak some words and understand everything…..nowadays she speaks very well and we feel that the staff are part of our family! Lovely school.

My daughter and my son love to be there. The teachers are friendly and understanding. My daughter didn’t speak English in the first 2 months but after that she started to speak some words and understand everything…..nowadays she speaks very well and we feel that the staff are part of our family! Lovely school.

My daughter and my son love to be there. The teachers are friendly and understanding. My daughter didn’t speak English in the first 2 months but after that she started to speak some words and understand everything…..nowadays she speaks very well and we feel that the staff are part of our family! Lovely school.”

Layla M.

“We love this school so much! Our daughter has been attending here for more than a year and the food plan, workers, owner and facility are all amazing. Linda, the owner has been doing this for so many years and doing it all legal and right! The workers are all background checked and cpr/first aid certified which makes me comfortable to leave my daughter in their care. Miss Melissa, the program director, is so confident, loving, caring and patient. She strives to teach these kids new skills and to always have fun; she joins in on the fun and is very active in these kids learning path. Miss Jessica, Kim and Dani are all so amazing with the kids as well! We love PBELC!”

Jessica S.

“I’m so happy I found PBELC! My 2 1/2 year old loves this place. He had basically never had a babysitter or any daycare until he went here a few weeks ago. They were great with him (and me!) while he transitioned into his new chapter in life. There was always someone to distract him and spend 1:1 time with him when I left. They would also send me lots of texts and pictures of him happily playing, which significantly helped me. He really adjusted quickly and now he doesn’t want to leave! One thing I love about PBELC is the huge yard. It’s what I’ve always wanted to give him but it’s just not possible right now. I think it’s very important for him to spend lots of time playing outside, and that’s what he does there. There is a huge sandbox, slides (btw they turned one into a water slide last week-so fun!), swings, playhouses, lots of outdoor push toys, etc. etc. He has tons of energy and this is the perfect place for him to release it. The workers are all great! They love children and it shows. Special thanks to Melissa and Linda. They have been such a blessing to me! I also love that they cook healthy meals and have healthy snack for them throughout the day. They also have different learning activities during the day. It’s a great combination of a school environment and a home environment.”

Beth S.

“I don’t write many reviews but I had to about Pacific Beach Early Learning Center. PBELC has been my saving grace! My 3 year old daughter is in school 3 days a week but I needed to find a place for her a couple days a week where I knew she would be safe, cared for and in a structured environment so that she could continue to flourish. Well I found that and more as a referral from my neighbor. I don’t know where to start with PBELC as I have so many positive things to say about the school, the teaching environment, the teachers (which my daughter LOVES), the meals, the outdoor space, the activities and everything else is amazing. If you need a great place for your kid(s) to learn, be safe, have fun and be loved then this is the place you should call.”

Jodee S.

“Due to an unplanned move (and unwanted), I have to give my 2 week notice for CHASE HILDEBRAND today. Thank you for everything you have done for Chase. I have seen him blossom in the few months he has been with PBELC. I am saddened by this move and having to take Chase out of your school but know he will do well wherever he goes with the start you have given him. Thank you for everything!”

The Kinney's

“I’m so happy that we waited to get in here. Our two year old has flourished here. We were in a home daycare before this and this place makes that one look more like it was only babysitting. You can’t even compare the two. He comes home every day with new words or doing something new. I love that they’re outside most of the day and that they also go on field trips. I know he’s had a fun time when he comes home with dirt on his clothes. He’s also become more confident and outgoing and it’s only been a few weeks since we started here. And Melissa and the staff are so caring and loving! So happy we found this place!”

M. L.

“David has grown and thrived in this program. We are forever grateful for his first school experience to have been so happy and loving due to all the attention and continual guidance. David has grown to be a respectful, intelligent young man. He loves school and learning and it is all thanks to this program and all the teachers.

We appreciate what you have done for David and our family. It’s amazing how much he has grown in his time at this school!”

The Thomsons

“Thanks so much for taking such good care of Sam. It brings us much peace of mind that he spends his day in the care of someone so warm and loving. We look forward to watching him grow and flourish in your care.”

Amanda, Nate and Sam

“Thank you so much for the love and care you’ve shown to Jack & Charlie. You are incredibly talented, kind, patient, and lots of fun, too! Every minute the boys were at “Linda’s School,” we knew we could rest assured that they were happy and well cared for. You work so hard that we thought you could enjoy a visit to Isabel’s Cantina. It’s our favorite PB place for dinner (breakfast & lunch are yummy too!). Enjoy! We will all miss you!”

Joann & Scott

“Thank you so much for being so welcoming to Michael and for your warmth and patience with him. He loves going to PBELC! Thank you for everything you do. You provide a wonderful place for Michael to learn and grow.”

Brooke, Hugh & Kennedy

“Thank you so much for being so welcoming to Michael and for your warmth and patience with him. He loves going to PBELC! Thank you for everything you do. You provide a wonderful place for Michael to learn and grow.”

Mazen, Andrea & Michael

“We started our daughter at PBELC just shy of her first birthday and had to leave just after she turned two. During this 15 months we were very happy with her development. Linda is a great communicator and if we had any questions or concerns she was always available to us. We loved getting our daughters report card each day to find out what activities she had done, what she had eaten and how long she had slept. We also loved that she had a piece of art work to bring home each day. We were also provided the curriculum for the year and got information each week to remind us what theme we should be working on at home each week.”

Another skill our daughter expanded on during this time was her baby sign language. We started signing to her when she was born but after a few months at PBELC we were having to research the signs she was using as she was out signing us! Linda really cares about the children and has been a pleasure to work with over the past year. We hope we find another place as special for our daughters in the new city that we’re relocating to.

Brooke E. Griffin

“We enrolled our 2 boys in Linda’s daycare in January 2013. Our oldest son, Jack, was a little over 2 and our baby, Charlie, was 4 1/2 months at the time. This was our second daycare experience for our oldest and we were excited to find something so close to our home in Pacific Beach. Right away we noticed that Linda was organized, energetic, kind, positive, and patient By the middle of the first week, Jack was completely adjusted and clearly in love with Linda and all her fun activities. Charlie was his usual happy self as well.

“Linda recognizes and appreciates each child’s unique personality. Jack has opportunities all day long to play, create, learn, and be a helper. Every minute our boys are at “Linda’s School” we can rest assured that they are having a blast, being safely cared for and learning all sorts of wonderful new things.

We have been thrilled with the care, dedication, creativity, and patience Linda shows both of our boys. She clearly has a wealth of experience with children and is able to use a positive, proactive approach that helps children learn, play, and stay safe. She is also a talented teacher. She implements creative and interesting daily lessons that Jack enjoys. She is fostering a love of learning and exploring. We couldn’t ask for a better childcare provider.”

Scott & Joann Sorg

“I visited several home daycares and preschools before deciding to send my daughter to PBELC. So far I couldn’t be happier, and more importantly, she is happy! This was her first experience away from the nanny who has cared for her since she was born and it has been a smooth transition. I like this place because it’s the perfect combination of a home-like environment with a school-like structure. It feels safe, the teachers are loving, it’s the perfect size and they have a very nice outdoor space! Recommended!”

Sara T.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful love, care, and attention you have shown Oliver. He has been so happy here building so many memories, forming many skills, and making so many friends. We love all of you and although we will not be full time, we hope to remain a part of your family for many years to come.”

Ben & Rachel

“Our family loved the time our son spent with Lauryn at PBELC. We knew when we dropped him off each morning that he was in a safe, happy, nurturing, and fun environment. What sets PBELC apart from other preschools is that it is still a home setting. Lauryn has a beautiful veggie garden and they often baked zucchini bread and ate fresh tomatoes. Almost daily our son came home and talked about the new things he learned. Lauryn and the staff were very good at incorporating learning with fun. Even during their outside playtime, there were different learning and art stations. Music and movement was a big and fun part of the day as well. On top of all of this, they played a HUGE role in getting our son potty trained! The best part about PBELC is that he absolutely loved being there. We are counting down the days until our youngest son is old enough to join the PBELC family! I’d recommend Lauryn and the staff to anybody.”


“This letter serves as my recommendation of Pacific Beach Early Learning Center and it’s owner, Linda, due to their wonderful care of my 2 yr old daughter. She has attended PBELC for almost a year now and we’ve been very pleased with her time spent there. Not only does PBELC have the best programming (curriculum, crafts, outings, etc), but Linda has worked very closely with me in helping to accommodate my daughter’s needs to help her feel comfortable at daycare. Many schools and daycares would not have taken the time to help us, but working with Linda has been fantastic. She is very caring and helped us come up with solutions to problems that we would not have found on our own.

We regret that due to our move and work circumstances, my daughter will no longer be able to attend. However, I recommend Pacific Beach Early Learning Center to others and would definitely utilize their services again ourselves, as attending PBELC has been a great experience for my daughter.”


“I am so Happy and thankful that I found PBELC! Linda and her staff are truly incredible and have taken wonderful care of my 19 month old son! My son, absolutely loves coming here. We stumbled upon PBELC when we needed short term childcare (previous babysitter had a baby) prior to a military move. I am so grateful that by happenstance it all worked out! The first few weeks he cried leaving because he wanted to stay and play with all his friends and the toys.

He is extremely active and never has a dull moment. Whether it’s crafts, dancing, play time, or reading he stays busy and most importantly is happy. He’s developed so much in a short amount of time; I wish we had started him sooner. I am SO sad we have to move, and pray we can find a place as great as this one in our new town! 

For a parent, finding someone to care for you child can be overwhelming. From the minute I met Linda and toured the home I knew Carson would have the upmost care. Thank you PBELC for the wonderful experience!

Carson is going to miss you all so much! We are too!”

Kaitlin & Andy

“We wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for our 2 year old son Lachlan throughout his time at the center in 2019.

Lachlan loved coming to school every day and would always cheer in the car as we arrived ready to start his day.

PBELC was so nurturing to Lachlan, he settled in so easily making friends with all the other lovely children so easily. He loved the wonderful outdoor facilities and would happily play outside all day long.

PBELC were also fantastic at encouraging art and craft projects and each week Lachlan would come home with piles of artwork that we loved to look at and talk to him about.

It was sad that we weren’t able to stay at PBELC for a long period of time as we had to return to Australia.

We recommend PBELC to any family looking to have a small, family focused childcare center, but with the curriculum and activity to match any larger childcare center.

Thank you again to the wonderful team that brought so much joy to Lachlan and also much reassurance to our family that he was in great hands.”

Jessica & Daniel

“My daughter attended the school for two years and it was a great experience (it’s kindergarten time now) — educational lessons, field trips, crafts, outdoor activities, etc. The teachers are all awesome. And their enthusiasm really showed on the children — they were always happy and playing well together. I have no reservations about recommending this place to friends and family.”

Nick W.

“Simply could not be happier with PBELC and the lovely ladies that watch my daughter every day! She has been there about 5 months now. When we first started she was just under 2 and hadn’t been dropped off ANYWHERE. We had a nanny that we loved that came to our home everyday. Needless to say this was a big, scary transition for us all. But that’s where Melissa, Dani and Jessica aided in their loving way to make sure she was comfortable and successful in her transition. We have seen nothing but growth and progress in our daughter since she has been a part of PBELC. Melissa puts together productive and interesting curriculum for the kids. They also keep the kids on a great schedule with consideration and structure. They spend most of the day outside getting fresh air in the awesome (shaded) play yard and the facility is clean. So happy we found them. Thank you PBELC!”

Mandy M.

“Sent my 3yr old here for the summer and he loved it! They do a great job of keeping the children engaged all day. Perfect mix of learning opportunities, structure and free play. The place is always VERY clean. Wish we could have stayed longer! Love all the people there!”

Sloane R.

“I have so many wonderful things to say about the Pacific Beach Early Learning Center! The staff are some of the most caring, personable and responsive people I have ever met. I found out about this gem of a place through a network of home daycare providers, and like every first-time parent, I was totally freaking out and of course doing all the checking hat I could possibly do, looking at child-teacher ratios, calling the city to check, etc… Everything I researched and everyone I talked to provided amazing reviews on PBELC. And now it is my turn to do the exact same thing. When our little girl (now 3 years old) first joined the PBELC family two years ago, it was the first daycare we had ever used. We wanted a home environment for her and also for her to be in a small group of kids so that she would feel loved and cared for. We got this and so, so, so much more. Our PBELC director: Melissa is so caring – everyday she greets the parents and says goodbye to them. She tells you all about your child’s day and is very responsive to calls and texts (when she has free time away from the kids). Oftentimes, we have long conversations about my daughter and I have never felt any hesitation about asking my daughters behavior, and whether there were any problems or issues with her. In fact, when we had our second child, our older daughter was having some trouble adjusting and they noticed right away that she wasn’t being herself. They told me immediately, monitored her, gave her special attention, and really helped us transition her to being an older sister by giving us great tips and coordinated with us how to consistently provide guidance and discipline to our daughter. PBELC is tucked in a quiet family neighborhood with a HUGE backyard. The kids have a garden with tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. They have wonderful arts and crafts, plenty of reading, flashcards, yoga/dance parties, and really fun science projects (making putty, hatching butterflies). They use organic and healthy foods to feed the children, and my daughter eats healthier at PBELC than she does at home! The personal attention that the kids (and parents) receive is truly unprecedented. The parents receive pictures of the kids and updates on their day with a phone app and these updates really make my day when I see how happy my daughter is. You can absolutely tell that every single person who works there really does love the children, and I attribute this to the owner, Linda and her wonderful director Melissa. There is a bond that is formed with the parents from PBELC and I keep in touch with many of the parents outside of school. I feel enormously lucky to have found PBELC and would recommend it to everyone!”

Sharon K.

“PBELC is a wonderful hidden gem. We’re so lucky to have found it and couldn’t be happier with their program. Safe and loving, it’s the perfect environment for our 2.5yr old son. The school is located in a beautiful, quiet area within walking distance to Kate Sessions park. The children receive individualized attention and care. The facility is clean and organized with dedicated spaces for learning and play. They have a great outdoor space with a shaded area, playhouse, slide, sandbox, and garden. The teachers offer a curriculum full of creative projects, free play, and hands-on learning experiences. They prepare healthy meals for the children arid encourage them to help out around the school. They have also done a wonderful job helping our son with potty training. It’s been such a joy to watch him learn and grow!”

Rachel T.

“Pacific Beach Early Learning Center is a wonderful day care for my three year old daughter. She absolutely loves this place and every person on staff. They do a lot of fun activities everyday including artwork, cooking, road trips to the park and the bay, the spacious territory outdoors boasts a lot of equipment for active leisure and play. That entire team does a great job caring for the kids and loving them. They teach children to be good friends and my daughter has her very first best friend there. I highly recommend this place for the parents and their children.”

Christine S.

“I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL PRESCHOOL! When I returned to work full time and needed to find care of my daughter, a friend told me about PBELC. The first thing I remember about visiting the school was the wonderful clean smell, as if someone had just cleaned and lit a yummy candle. As I was given a tour, my amazement grew and I was thinking “is this place for real??”. Well folks, it is! That was close to 2 years ago and my family’s love for PBELC has only grown. The entire staff provides a warm and welcoming yet disciplined and structured environment, which has allowed my daughter to flourish mentally: socially, emotionally, and intellectually, not to mention physically (toddler workout anyone?)! The school is kept immaculately clean and organized, and every activity provides an opportunity for learning. The kids spent A LOT of outdoor time, including gardening, short field trips, and even helping to feed the pet turtle Crush. The academic program is also excellent, and includes all the basics (letters, shapes; etc.) in addition to Spanish, sign language, and daily life skills. Another perk is that healthy and well-balanced homemade meals are provided (breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks). Come check it out if you’re looking for a great preschool in the PB area.”

Lee M.

“It is with great enjoyment that we write a letter of recommendation for Pacific Beach Early Learning Center. We have had our son there for the past 18 months and his daily growth and enjoyment have both been things we cherish. The director, Melissa Lorenz, is a compassionate, caring, and attentive caregiver, and guides an equally qualified and energetic staff.

We have been completely happy with our experiences and would highly recommend PBELC to any parent considering them for their child. The play-based program infused with educational development and bi-weekly themes for practical learning were exactly the traits we were looking for in a daycare. As a result, our son has developed an emotional intelligence and social understanding far more than we would have normally expected. Of equal importance, the focus on health and proper nutrition is something we greatly appreciated after seeing what other care centers provided.

We were so glad to have found this daycare!”

Matt & Erin Sanford

“Thank you so much for a lovely time last week! It was so perfect and we truly appreciate all the effort you put into preparing such a fabulous affair. We loved the slideshow and it was great to finally meet many of the parents. Those little touches (decorations, pictures, goodie bags) – Wow! And not to mention the food! Can I trade places with Aileana for a day? LOL! And thank you for taking care of the most precious human beings on earth. You and your team are amazing caretakers and truly advocates for those who can’t quite express themselves yet.”

Boyles, Sharon & Aileana

“You have made a huge difference in both Michaela’s life and mine. I wanted you to know how much you have contributed to Michaela’s happiness.”


“Thank you for joining us to celebrate Dakota’s 1st Birthday. Thank you also for the thoughtful 1st year photo collage! As you already know – Dakota loves the soft soccer ball! I also see a train table in our future to hold the train set you got Dakota! Thanks most of all for all the love and care you provide Dakota everyday! We feel we won the day care lottery with the best possible daycare we could have ever imagined! Thank you Linda for all that you do!”

Joylyn, Dennis & Dakota

“We want to thank you for helping us so much with Sofie, she has had an amazing time. She has truly enjoyed the music, dance, art, but more than anything the excellent team you have. She has felt loved & has made great friends. We will miss you all.”

Sofie, Mark & Lucy

“We began daycare at PBELC when our son was 8months old and kept him with Linda until Tracy decided not to work six months later. We quickly felt like the staff treated Cooper like one of their own and did everything they could and more to make us comfortable as parents.

We made requests for Linda to go out of her way to apply for different military programs that helped pay for Cooper’s care and she was always more than willing to help. Cooper was always excited to go each morning and always wanted to stay when we picked him up. He truly seemed to enjoy his time and it was great to find out all the activities he did at the end of the day.

We never had any concerns for his care and always felt like he was safe and secure. The infant staff was absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough positive things about the people and the overall experience.”

Jonathan Eubanks

“Linda Brown of the Pacific Beach Early Learning Center is a caring, compassionate educator, who is genuinely dedicated to the safety and happiness of the children in her care.

Children are instinctively drawn to her caring nature and she has a natural ability to recognize and empathize with children requiring special needs.

My granddaughter was a withdrawn, scared, and traumatized child who blossomed into a completely normal, affectionate, intelligent, sociable child within months of attending Linda’s day care. She loved coming to the day care every day, in spite of the major separation anxiety she initially suffered from. This is a testament to Linda’s bond with all of her children, and the trust she engenders in her young clients.

Linda has put a great deal of time and effort into designing a comprehensive educational plan for everyone who attends the day care. She prepares healthy, organic, homemade food every day, and turned my granddaughter from a picky, stubborn eater, to a child that will practically try anything now. (at least once!)

She staffs her day care with caring, qualified individuals, who share Linda’s passion for happy contented children, in their home away from home.

I would highly recommend Linda and Pacific Beach Early Learning Center as the next best thing to home care for your child. Your children will be happy and enriched, and will make friends they really care about, and they will never be unhappy showing up at Linda’s doorstep every morning. They will happily look forward to it.”

Michele Wilder

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