Pacific Beach Early Learning Center PreschoolPacific Beach Early Learning Center PreschoolPacific Beach Early Learning Center PreschoolPacific Beach Early Learning Center Preschool


We Bring

Fun 2 Life!



We are a balance between a preschool & a home environment, where we provide an academic program & learning centers preparing & developing children to succeed in kindergarten & beyond.



We are located in one of the quietest neighborhoods in the heart of Pacific Beach. We are blessed with wonderful mild weather most of the year. Our location enables us to share the wonders of the beach.



We offer a variety of learning, play, and art centers and teacher-directed activities, including reading, phonics, sign language, math, science, Spanish, nature exploration, song, dance, and art & crafts.



To develop children’s imagination & to keep them physically active our large outdoor space includes a garden, separate pet area, large covered teaching area, large grass play area & water/sand play areas.

WE Are Here For You!

During this hard time we would like to announce that we are OPEN! We know that many families are still having to work and need care for their children. We are taking steps to ensure the safety and well being of all children in our care.

We also provide Before and After grade school child learning experiences and coverage for children 1 to 12 years of age.

Explore As You Learn

We teach Phonics!

We teach age appropriate introductory Phonics.

We teach Spanish!

We teach basic age appropriate Spanish.

We Teach Sign Language!

We teach introductory Signing.

We go to the Beach!

Being 1 mile from the beach, we visit often.

We go to the Zoo!

We go to the Aquarium & SD Zoo several times a year.

We love Adventures!

Kids Ventures and trips to area parks can be very fun!


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